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We are moving our Firewood location to 2823 Belair Rd, Fallston Md 21047. At the corner of Reckord Rd and Rt. 1.  Directly behind the "Back In The Day Cafe". We have racks of low grade, camp and fire pit stacks. Price ranging from $15-$25 for the stacks and $75-$100 for the racks. We offer drive in and pick up services, we will load your vehicle. You may call the office at 410-526-6655 for availibility and times to come by while we are in the process of moving.

Last winter scared alot of people, so as of right now we are SOLD OUT of our well seasoned firewood. However we are still splitting . Our logs have been sitting all summer and as we split they are drying. Wood is not considered seasoned until 80% of moisture has evaporated.

We value our new and long time customers. We Thank You for your patience while we make this transition.




  • High Grade  $250 per cord
  • Mid. Grade  $200 per cord
  • Low Grade  $150 per cord


We will deliver and stack firewood in the following grades:

Heat ValuePriceDescription
*High Grade
$250.00 per cord

Oaks, Locust, Beech, Mulberry mix

All Oak


*Medium Grade $200.00 per cord

Maple(s), Ash(s), Birch, Elm, Fruit woods-pear, apple, cherry mix. These woods are mixed.

*Low Grade $150.00 per cord

Poplar, Sassafrass, Spruce(s), **Pine, Polonia, Katalpa, Pine(s), Cedar(s), Magnolia(s) GREAT FOR FIRE PITS!!!

**You can burn Pine in your home. See below

Chunk Wood $150.00 per cord Perfect for small wood stoves or small patio fire pits. Average size 6"x8" blocks, knots that will burn for hours.








.When storing your wood, stack it where air can circulate through the pile. The shorter the wood the better the air circulation, the faster it will dry.



***For firewood orders please call 410-510-7205

***There is a delivery & stacking fee. We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash***

Our fw pieces range in 16"-20" lengths. If needing smaller pieces call for pricing on special cuts.

**As water evaporates, it's trying to quench your fire just as if you were sprinkling water on it. Subsequently, you end up with a cold fire. A cold fire not only gives you less heat but also produces CREOSOTE, that clogs the flue lining and is the #1 cause of chimney fires. Wood is considered properly seasoned when it's moisture content is below 20%. So once Pine is dry you may burn it. It just burns fast and hot.